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Custom WordPress Design, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Car Removal Leads

Top Cash For Cars operates a car removal business across southeast Queensland. As a business that was stagnant and wanted growth, they engaged Jellie Digital to:

- redesign their website

- start digital marketing to drive more car removal to their business

The client wanted to drive new business leads through their website. This meant our digital marketing would focus on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

We undertook:
- a redesign of their website
- a strategic review of their lead management process
- a google ads campaign
- Search Engine Optimisation (on page, off page and technical)

This resulted in a 9x increase in enquiries through their website and a huge ROI in our services.
Custom WordPress Design

Modern, Sleek Web Design

Given the nature of the client's business, there is significant competition in the area. We wanted to design a website that was different from his competitors and would ensure his business to stood out.

There were two main goals of the website - establishing trust with the user and optimising for lead capture. Throughout the project, we worked with the client to ensure we delivered his vision for the website.

Below you can see how we redesigned the enquiry form. Our design optimises lead capture and improve the website with a modern look and feel that instills confidence in potential clients.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

90 car removal leads in 30 days

The client had a very specific request - as many leads as possible.

We determined Google Ads would be the best platform for marketing as this is where individuals go when they want to sell their cars.

Once the website was live, we researched the industry and competitors, as well as completed keyword research. This helped us understand what the high intent keywords are which will bring in car removal leads ready to take action and sell their car.

Immediately we were able to achieve 90 leads in month 1 at approximately $33 per lead. This was a significant result for the client. For example, when compared to a previous month when there were no ads running the client had only 10 enquiries submitted over the entire month.

The client went from 10 enquiry forms to 90 enquiry forms in 30 days


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